Wing Era : The Golden Flight


Get ready to Take off !!

Wing Era: The Golden Flight is a line-drawing control game with more elements of fun. Just touch and draw a path, and you can control your propeller aircraft fleet to Fly, Take off, Landing, Obtain Bonus Items, Dodge Colliding with other Aircrafts, and etc. However, not only the flight control, but also the fuel and shields of aircrafts need to be noticed. There are also some useful bonus items to help you playing this game. Keep your fleet on the sky, and gather more stars to gain higher score records !


  • Easy Line-Drawing control.

  • With the Multi-Touch capability, you may control multiple airplanes at the same time. It’s feasible to cooperate with friends on a single device.

  • Several difficulty settings are suitable for all ages by adjusting the amount of your airplanes.

  • Various Bonus items that are useful would help the game playing.

  • There are some barriers or aircrafts appearing like UFO, Airship, Meteor that you can’t control.

  • Each stage contains its own characteristic.

What's New In Version 1.1:

*Add two new stages: Stage 4: Oilfield: The Fuel Is Critical! and Stage 5: Arctic Ocean with Ice Crystals.

*Add fast-forward button (Press button being 2x faster forward and release back to normal).

Stage Info (Ver. 1.1):

  • Stage 1: Country Road with the Runway.

  • Stage 2: Tropical Island with Underwater Tunnel Express.

  • Stage 3: Pyramid Desert with Floating Stones.

  • Stage 4 (New): Oilfield: The Fuel Is Critical!

  • Stage 5 (New): Arctic Ocean with Ice Crystals.

Download Link:

or search "Wing era" in iPhone App Store.

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