IRON HEADS is the ultimate finger-flicking game. This game is based on the physical collisions and reactions. The game control is easy. You only need to flick your robots to hit the various alien robots and terminate them in every mission. Furthermore, your robots have the unique attack skills to cause wider range and more damage. There are many different barriers and physical mechanisms to make this game more challenge. Don't miss IRON HEADS. It is so fun and addictive.

The Story: In the near future, the alien robots come to earth for the unknown reason. They are everywhere and grab the natural resources. IRON HEADS is the newest robotics technology. You need to beat the alien robots down with your robot team and save the Earth from the disaster. Good luck !

Game Features:

* Easy game controls. Just flick anywhere on screen to launch your robot and tap to fire weapons.

* The game engine is based on physical collisions and reactions.

* In addition to the usual hit attack, each IRON HEAD robot has its own attack skill.

* Each mission consists of various barriers , alien robots and physical mechanisms.

* Support the Retina Display.

* 48 distinguishing missions and more coming soon.