Sushi Logic

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Sushi Logic is the game for the brain and logic training. The game’s purpose is to get the correct Sushi types and order. According to the hints, you can exercise your brain by predicating the answer. The screen layout is effective and smooth. Just drag and drop the sushi plates, it makes the game straight-forward and very easy to operate but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find out the answer. Sushi Logic has nice icon graphics and is also suitable for all ages. Spend a few minutes and enjoy your brain exercise anytime, anywhere !!

v1.5 New Features:

**All graphics support the Retina Display.

v1.4 New Features:

**Added more levels to play. It's totally 9 difficulty levels.

v1.2 New Features:

**Add Numerals Display mode. (New function!!)

**Add Pause Function during game playing.

v1.1 New Features:

**Support Multi-finger Drag and Drop.

**Added Time Elapsed Bar.

**Added BGM.


**Easy to operation, just drag an drop.

**Up to 12 types of Sushi plates.

**Have 3 background pictures to choose.


English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese.


iPhone, iPod Touch.


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or search "Sushi Logic" in iPhone App Store.

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