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What's New !!

**(2012/3/9) IRON HEADS v1.2.0 Version Updated. NEW !!

*Gameplay control mode changed. You can flick the robots at any time if the robot battery remains. But the physical rule will affect the moving direction.

*Fix the hardware volume button of some devices not working in gameplay.

**(2012/2/12) IRON HEADS FREE VERSION Released.

**(2012/1/31) IRON HEADS v1.0.0 Released.

Our New Game Released !!

IRON HEADS is based on physical collisions and reactions. It is fun and addictive.

Game Features:

* Easy game controls. Just flick anywhere on screen to launch your robot and tap to fire weapons.

* The game engine is based on physical collisions and reactions.

* In addition to the usual hit attack, each IRON HEAD robot has its own attack skill.

* Each mission consists of various barriers , alien robots and physical mechanisms.

* Support the Retina Display.

* 48 distinguishing missions and more coming soon.

**(2011/2/12) Sushi Logic v1.5 Released.

*All game graphics support the Retina Display now. Enjoy the stunning detailed images of Sushi.

**(2011/1/5) Wing Era: The Golden Flight v1.20 Released.

* Modify the line-drawing type and the flight path length.

* Modify the some gameplay parameters. There are more star bonus items showing at the same time. The bonus moving speed is slow down, etc.

* Revise the “Game Over” screen message.

* The app launch icon is for all iOS devices.

* iOS 4.x performance optimized.

**(2010/8/30) Wing Era : The Golden Flight V1.0 Released.

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**(2010/8/10) Sushi Logic V1.2 Update!!

v1.2 New Features:

**Add Numerals Display mode. (New function!!)

**Add Pause Function during game playing.

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** (2010/4/7) Sushi Logic V1.1 Update!!

v1.1 New Features:

**Support Multi-finger Drag and Drop.

**Added Time Elapsed Bar.

**Added BGM.

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** (2010/3/26) We just release Sushi Logic . This is the brain exercise and logical training game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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